Friday, October 23, 2009

Just some updates....

For those who may be still wondering, I thought I would update you on a couple of things:

Firstly, Maddie is feeling just fine. To those who prayed, thank you so much. I feel quite inconsiderate for not letting you know that she has been totally recovered for about a week now. We all had little illnesses in the days that followed but nothing bad at all. Everyone is back to 100% at the McCoy house!

Secondly, we bought a vacuum! I researched and researched for about a day and decided to go with the Shark Navigator and so far, I am completely thrilled with it. Of-course, time will be the true judge. It has a 5 yr. warranty, which was a major selling point. It was very difficult to find many negative reviews, and those I did find were not things that bother me (a small head and small dirt canister being the primary complaints). It is very maneuverable which is a must for our small crowded home. The hose is easy to switch to which is also a must for the daily (and more) high chair cleanings! It claims to be the technology of a Dyson for half the cost, and the way it sucks the dirt amd keeps it away from the incoming area is pretty nifty. The "never loses suction" promise will be put to the test at the McCoy house. We purchased it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, using a 20% off coupon. The one they sell also comes with a few extra attachments, and BB&B has a very good return policy if it disappoints. The offer on the Shark website is appealing (free steam mop with purchase of the vacuum) BUT $50 in shipping costs is not so appealing. And honestly, as much as I love lavender, I really didn't buy it for the color! I'll make sure to tell you if it turns out to be just another junky vacuum or if my hopes will be full filled!

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Amy said...

I'm so glad Maddie is well again and I know how it feels to be excited over a new vacuum, too. Is that why my dad and husband get excited over a new drill? The right tools are so helpful!
Can you email me again? I didn't keep your address. Thanks!
Oh, and I loved your park pictures. :)