Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My vision ...and what's up with the bizarre name?

Yada Yada Yada: I was very close to naming this blog “Just another blog”… because I cannot promise any originality or any special characteristic that will make it be any different than the hundreds of blogs on the web. Yada Yada Yada also seems to fit since I tend to be long winded in my writing.

The Mayhem: That would be referring to daily life. My husband is a youth pastor, which provides plenty of mayhem, and of course mayhem comes in the form of 2 pretty little girls named Maddie and Eden. I see myself as a busy person- not that I necessarily have a packed schedule and pressing demands… I’m just busy. One reason is I ALWAYS do things the hard way. I somehow imagine the result to be better, which of course it isn’t but still, I tend to choose the hardest path to every destination. I’m learning though that some short cuts are really okay. In fact sometimes short cuts are best. So much of the mayhem I speak of is self inflicted.

Some examples of the mayhem of which I speak:

Some of the best teenagers in the world at a youth conference this summer.

Maddie was fast sleep in this awkward position.

Eden loves her some corn on the cob!

There is always mayhem when the piggy tails are pulled out... grrrrr!

My little clown!

The Musings: I am a thinker. Not to imply that I am deep or wise… but I do think constantly. It’s almost annoying. So many times I have looked at Seth as we sat in silence and asked him, “What are you thinking about?” And he honestly answers, “Nothing.” As a newlywed, I would press him. “You can’t be actually thinking of nothing. It’s impossible! Some thought must be in your mind!” And he would try to explain that he can literally sit and relax and empty his mind of everything entirely. Hmmm. Strange. I’ve never experienced such a phenomenon. And please understand that I am not bashing my husband; I’m a bit jealous that he so fully relax and shut thoughts out. Especially since so many of these abundant thoughts are shallow, or negative, or useless or just plain wrong. So I will try my best to exclude such thoughts from here. You have to realize, as I am sure you do, that I am not perfect and therefore my life is not perfect. I am not a “Polly Anna” kind… those who know me in “real life” know that I am a professional nit-picker. I can find the flaws in EVERYTHING. But who really wants to read about the negatives of my life? And I certainly don’t want to waste time recording them. Despite the imperfections that exist in me, my family and my life, overall, it is a GOOD… even GREAT life. God has been so so good. If I had a scale with the blessings that the Lord has placed in my life through His grace on one side and the other side of the scale weighed the amount of praise I have offered back to Him, we all know it would be drastically unbalanced. And of course it never will be balanced. But I hope this is another medium to praise Him for all his goodness to me… and not bore you with things in life that didn’t go as I wanted. I don’t want this blog to resemble “verbal birth control”. Do you know what verbal birth control is? It’s the words of a tired frustrated mom falling upon the ears of other women who immediately schedule their tubal ligations. Come to think of it, maybe the musings will have some mayhem mixed in just ‘cause it’s ME!

I am still tinkering with the appearance and technical end of things. I’ve been somewhat of a lazy computer user in that I have always only learned just what I needed to get by. So I’m learning as I go. And I have placed my official birthday request with my awesome hubby: photo editing software. So I think that would enhance things around here too. But we are planning a move here soon and so I gave him a less expensive choice as well: one of the scented candles that crackle as you burn them! That sounds just about as lovely as fancy spancy photo software.

AND my vision for this blog includes COMMENTS- lots and lots of comments! I don’t want to have one sided conversations here! Chime in with your input even if it just to tell me that I am a silly goose! At the very least, check one the boxes so I now you’re out there. Okay, okay… if you really are just a reader and not a participator, that will be allowed. In a real way, it’s just nice of you to take the time to read something from my heart.


Korina said...

Jessi has those purple pjs, just like Maddie. And actually, shes wearing them right now. LOL.

I Love reading ur blog Kayte. :D Keep up the good work.

Kayte said...

Oh good! I'll keep at it as long as you're entertained!!

Those footie PJs are the best this time of year! Maddie is too big for them but still tries to squeeze into Eden's. Silly girl!

Korina said...

Awesome. You always entertain me! :D

Yeah they are the best! I don't look forward to the day she outgrows them.

Jodi said...

What type of photo editing software are you looking for? Maybe you have one picked out, but may I recommend Picasa? It is free and you can do basic editing. If it doesn't quite meet your needs, you can delete it! You've probably heard of it already.

Kayte said...

Thanks Jodi... I actually had not heard of that before! The only free one I knew of was Gimp and I just could NOT figure that oen out! I'll have to check Picasa out... thank you!

jen said...

Loved the do Lord rendition. Wish I had half that much energy when I am sick. Dale bought me one of those crackle candles last year. I Love IT! We put it on in our bedroom & pretend we have a fireplace. I am too chicken to start a blog. Actually not looking for any more responsibilities right now, but I love to come visit.So I am tickled pink you started one. Mayhem & all.Yada, Yada, Yada. ;0)

Jamiee said...

Haha on Maddie squeezing into edens... they look like the one i bought her a while back LOL!! and yes you are a nit-picker ;)