Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do you know my husband?

I love him. I really really love him. I almost feel sorry for every other wife in the world because you are not married to Seth McCoy. Okay, okay... am I making you nauseous yet?

Let me introduce him to you. His name is Seth I. McCoy. The “I” stands for Isaac, according to his birth certificate but I know the truth: it actually stands for “integrity”. He is the same man on Sunday morning that he is 24 hours of each and every day. His compass of right and wrong is always on and ready to discern, even in those murky situations that make me think twice. He is HONEST in every way.

He is “Mr. Steady” (for those who have read Created to be his Helpmeet, you know the full definition of that term). There is never an excuse on his lips and he never grants himself permission to not be what he ought to be. A good day, or a bad day, Seth is always dependable. Always willing to do whatever he can to make my day, and probably yours if he knows you, better. He is FAITHFUL.

He is a gentleman… the old fashioned kind that is hard to find in 2009. I am SPOILED. Will you hate me if I confess that I never one time pumped my own gas since I have been married. Okay, once I did while on a church ladies’ trip but it really more for fun than necessity. These spaghetti arms of mine are weak for a reason: I carry very little; I open few doors. I had better stop lest I make every other husband in America look bad.

Honestly, he’s as good as they get. The typical scenario for couples is that before the “I Do’s” are said, he is perfect in her eyes. Even his flaws, if she sees them, are cute to her. If he says the earth is flat, she whole heartedly agrees. And then, marriage… ah, and then… disappointment. He is not all that she thought him to be. I testify of being fortunate enough, blessed enough, to have experienced the opposite. He impresses me more and more the longer I know him. I was an immature Christian in a lot of ways when Seth and I got married. I’ve learned so much about the attributes of a Christian and believe (and hope) he has rubbed off on me in the past 5+ years.

I think that I understand him better in recent days. In our college days and for the first few years of our marriage, I was perplexed at why he did certain things, and mostly why he didn’t do other things. Seth does not run toward promotion or title or accolades. He will only accept a position of responsibility and leadership if he within himself believes God to want it. No “wifely persuasion” will do. For a long time, my selfish motives would question this and did not fully understand it. I thought any young preacher would be delighted to have an expanded arena of influence. I thought it would be great to have others recognize his potential and ability. I wanted him to put on the outward image that so many ministry workers do: I have it together. I am being used by God. I have arrived. I hope that doesn’t sound critical. Only God knows the motives of another. I just mean to say that Seth has never been interested in impressing people with great numbers on a church bus route or with an articulate sermon or any other ability. In college, he had a bus route that was probably quite unimpressive to some. But here we are, over 5 years later, and he still gets letters and phone calls from several of the teenagers (now young adults) that rode his small bus route in Joliet, IL to a church 45 minutes away. He never won a single attendance contest. Never even came close. But that doesn’t matter to me anymore, and it never mattered to Seth. Several years later, about 5 of “his kids” know who they can call when they need a friend on the other end of the line. And again, no criticism is intended… great numbers on a church bus route is awesome. Each of those numbers represents a soul. All I mean to say is that I am learning from my husband, that this life is not about me, or you, or each other and how we appear in one another’s eyes.

Much of my efforts in my Christian walk have been about producing glory for myself. I’m ashamed to admit that. But from the time I became a Christian at 9 yrs. old until today (and I turn 26 tomorrow!) I have sought to have an impressive resume before other Christians. I want to end that trend in my life. I want the rest my days to be about bringing glory to the One who actually deserves it.

“My soul doth magnify the Lord”


Jamiee said...

You forgot to mention that he has an iron stomach and would eat anything you put on his plate... (he had some whopper of dinners the first few of marriages ;)never complained once about how brunt supper was and would chew right thru it and say "yummy supper hunny") .. but yes you have a truly amazing husband and was blessed well!)

Korina said...

Aww. Yep. That's Seth. He was and always will be, one of "those friends" who makes your memories the best. :)