Monday, June 6, 2011

Now accepting applicants

Some people call it the "Terrible Twos"... some just call it life with kids. Some, I've heard, deny it's existence.

I'm referring to that age in early childhood when your sweet little cherub adopts the misguided philosophy that they are the ruler of the universe.

For Maddie, it happen young: 14 months. It was like a switch went off and she put on her crown as Queen of our home. And for the next several months I worked very very hard at dethroning her. For, as I say, she may be the Princess, but I am the Queen. ☺

Eden has always lacked Maddie's amazing persistence (ie. stubbornness). The stiff necked, dig in your heels for all out war did not come at 14 months. Or age 2.

I thought I was home free.

I was wrong.

Though her campaign for world domination takes slightly different approach, she has none-the-less decided she would like to be the CEO of McCoy Enterprises. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that she would like the become the guardian for every child under the age of 5 within the Northeast corridor. So, be forewarned, children within a 50 mile radius, that if Eden even suspects you are being naughty (which is loosely defined by her personal appraisal of your behavior) she will emphatically rebuke you and quite possible administer a spanking, with or without a signed parental consent.

We are currently accepting applications to enroll preschoolers and toddlers for Eden's day care services. Sign up only if you hope of reformation by Eden's unorthodox techniques.