Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Didn't think it would ever be done....

 I'm FINALLY done stenciling Leila's bedroom. The walls were painted the boring beige last year when we moved into the house, and I left two walls untouched. Just the walls in the picture got the lavender stencil action. I plan to install a chair rail onto the wall with a solid lavender bottom half. I'm even considering tackling that on my own since my handsome husband is a very busy man right now. Keep ya posted on that adventure...
I'm happy with the result but will probably never attempt this again. The hardest part was keeping the stencil clean. The ornate nature of the design made paint goop up a real issue. As paint dried on the stencil, the design would begin to look smudged. So I had to stop and clean it often, which was extremely tedious. I know that I spent more time cleaning the stencil (peeling away at tiny strands in between the scrolls and curves) than actually painting.

In case you care, I used a 12x12 wall stencil I found at Hobby Lobby. I sprayed the back with stencil adhesive, which was useful but I found I also needed a few pieces of blue painters tape to really be safe. Don't want a paint filled stencil falling down on your floor! I applied the paint with a 6 in. sponge roller but I think a crafting sponge (the natural sea sponge kind) would have worked better. But once I started with the roller, I wanted to finish with the same technique for consistency. It was not hard to line the stencil up and repeat the pattern, because it has a nifty guide system which was easy to figure out. Getting the stencil into corners and along the window was NOT easy. I think I say "super easy" in half my posts but I will not be using that phrase to describe this project! If I ever do stencil an entire wall again, I'll be picking one without a window! Or corners... ☺

To complete the room, I need the chair rail and possibly some sheer curtain panels (the lilac valance will stay... snagged that at a garage sale!). I'm also planning to paint an old toy box to match. And of course the crib in and the elliptical out. Unless Leila expresses a desire to get in some cardio. ;) Pictures will be shared!


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