Sunday, June 19, 2011

My favorite Daddy's on Father's Day

Dads everywhere woke up this morning to coffee mugs, t-shirts, card or banners reading "World's Greatest Dad" In fact, those are all inaccurate because I just so happen to know the world's greatest dad - the real one.

It's Seth.

Honestly, he is amazing. My girls are very blessed to have the Daddy that they have.

We gifted Seth with our customary photo coffee mug, a giant poster declaring our love and appreciation and a batch of "No Bake Cookies", which the girls helped make him. Maddie also had a the idea of wrapping up a DVD (one that we already own) for him. ☺ She picked Pride and Prejudice. {ha ha ha ha} That was funny. We also took Daddy out to the restaurant of his choice. Of course, since I have no income, he paid. ☺

On Father's Day, my mind goes straight to my husband. Then to my father in law. It wasn't until today, as I observed others celebrating Father's Day, that I realized my mind doesn't naturally go to my own father. I don't think of him at all. I do have a step-dad that I call Dad, and send him pictures of my girls periodically, but I honestly don't think of him primary on Father's Day either. There is no anger or ill will for either of them in my heart. Honestly, I feel mostly pity, concern for their eternal destinies and just plain old acceptance of the circumstances of my childhood. There is no changing any of it. God knew what family I was born into and in His mercy, He came to me. He sought me and saved me, in more than one way. I can be nothing but grateful.

As I see my husband interact with our daughters... the pure love between them, the security the girls find in Daddy's arms, the fun they have in his company, the instruction he gives them, the material needs he provides for them, the genuine interest he has in them.... all the elements of this vital relationship in their lives, and I am filled with hope for their future. By God's grace, they'll have a foundation they can stand on as adult women one day.

As for me, I distinctly recall the day when I was 12 yrs. old when in prayer I said to God, Be my Daddy. He was already my Creator. When I received Christ as Savior, He became my Father, and I became His child. But I needed Him to be even more. I needed Him to be my Daddy. I needed Him to protect me as a Daddy protects his little girl. When I was interested in a certain boy, I had to go home and ask my Daddy: my Heavenly Daddy. When decisions came my way and the counsel of an earthly daddy couldn't be found, I turned to my Holy Daddy. As a 16 yr. old girl headed across the country to college, I needed my Daddy to make sure my school bill was paid. And to make sure I wasn't joining the wrong crowds. And I needed my Daddy to check out the handsome young man that wanted to date me. My Daddy said Seth was a keeper. ☺

So Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, and to my Father, the King of Kings.

"...your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things" Luke 12:30



Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes. You are a blessing and I'm sure our Father's favorite. ♥

eh1160 said...

Way to go Seth. Hold up the lamp!