Monday, June 20, 2011

Do I win an award?

Mundane Mondays? Nope, not here, not today, at least!

Starting shortly after breakfast, my girls and I:

- Went to our favorite park, bringing Maddie's bicycle along, and went around a long trail, picking flowers, trying fancy bike tricks and "looking" for frogs (just between you and me, I wasn't looking too hard).

- Played at the playground, swinging and sliding with glee, for about 2 hrs.

- Ate lunch at McDonalds. Played in Play Place for over 1 hr.

- Napped/read books at home.

- Had pancakes for dinner

- Went to a Farmer's Market

- Walked to the library, checked out 8 books and a video.

- Had ice cream cones at home.

- Watched rented video.

The girls are filling out the nomination forms for my "Mother of the Year Award" as I type. Of-course we all know that tomorrow could disqualify me.

But for tonight, it is a house full of happy little women.


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Mendi... said...

Sounds like a magical day in the eyes of most any little girl! You're an awesome momma! :o)