Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things I've decided to do....

In no particular order, the things I have recently decided to do:

1. Buy winter boots when I find them for a decent price. It's only been 11 yrs. since I spent winter in California, so it's about time, don't you think?

2. Buy a half (or maybe a quarter) of an antibiotic and hormone free cow in the fall. Must find freezer too.

3. Buy vitamins for myself and hubby. We are way too young to so tired and sick all the time.

4. Save up for a SLR camera. It may take me 14 years but I need the time to decide what kind to buy anyway.

5. Block out the memory of Eden eating dog food off the floor in WalMart today.

6. Put hand cream on my hands before writing #7.

7. Make meatloaf for dinner tomorrow.

8. Never cut my hair above my shoulders again.

9. Clean and refill the humidifier in my bedroom tonight.

10. Vacuum the living room.

11. Omit #10. I'll do it tomorrow.

12. Stop procrastinating, starting tomorrow.


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