Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday night

Whatcha up to tonight??

THIS is what we are up to this Saturday evening (and most Saturday evenings for that matter!):
Whole grain blueberry muffins, baked for the morning:

Prepping for Sunday school.... I have the most awesome class ever.

Normally, my hunk of a man would be at the weekly youth meeting but he has been feeling quite sick lately. =( So tonight he is home (which I like...just wish he weren't sick) and is finishing up his sermon for tomorrow.

Seth: Why are you taking a picture of me right now?

Me: I'm documenting our Saturday night. Smile.

Seth, says nothing but drinks his tea in defiance.

My new prayer journal. Yeah for Hobby Lobby, where I found this one!

Working on next month's nursery schedule.

That dumb dog is on my desk because he was severely annoying me earlier so he is in a "time out"... indefinitely.

Sweet little baby girl wants Mommy's attention...

Iron and set out church clothes...

All bathed and fed, building a castle...

Mommy needs a BREAK!

The end.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!


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