Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pinky's talent

It occurred to me as I wrote that title that I have never blogged about Pinky.

Eden = Pinky

Several months ago, I was helping Eden out of her car seat and said "Come here, Pumpkin!" to which Eden scrunched up her face and said, "I not Pumpkin. I Eden." Hmmm, I thought. Okay she doesn't like to be called "Pumpkin". I can accommodate that. So later on, while addressing her, I said, "Come here, Eden." and she grinned the biggest grin of her life and exclaimed, "I not Eden- I PINKY!!!!!!!!"

"You're 'Pinky'?" I asked.

She reiterated, "I Pinky!"

Eden loves pink. She wants to wear it every day. It's so "boo-tiful. I wuv it." as she would tell you.

So "Pinky" it is. Sometimes "Stinky Pinky", if the circumstances warrant it. ☺

Now that you know who Pinky is, let me tell you about her very special talent.

Shooting straw wrappers 6 feet away by blowing through the straw.

And now the secret is out: our little family has no class. All efforts of teaching ladylike behavior are utter failures. Yet even I must admit that it's pretty impressive how far that two year old can shoot them.


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