Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Stubbornly protruding from among a soft bed of auburn fuzz, one lone white strand, coarse and unyielding, takes it's stand with the sole purpose of irritating and puzzling me.

Yes, this is Leila's scalp you are looking at. And yes, I plucked that peculiar little hair as soon as I finished taking it's picture.



missionarymomma said...

We have a sweet son (by adoption). One of the first things I noticed after seeing his chubby cheeks for the first time was a single white hair. They kept growing back. Even today, at six ontop of his lovely light brown hair is ne spot that grows a few strands of white.

Michelle said...

My son had the same thing. We didn't pluck it because he had a head full of black hair and so it didn't stick out much. Even now (he's 10) we will find a stray gray. It's fascinating.