Friday, March 11, 2011

More on Mom

In my last post, I teased my Mom for her puff painting, presidential ambitions for me. But there are more things you should know about the uniquely, wonderful lady I call Mom.

She's funny and sarcastic (now you know why I can't help myself...).

She's honest. Brutally (now you know why I can't help myself in that way either...)

She likes to write.

I may stop this list because it's simply reinforcing the fact that I'm turning into my Mother!!!!

She's a good grandma, although the bribing, spoiling variety.

She has a tremendous vocabulary. It's prodigious. She would totally know what "prodigious" means.

She is completely non-judgemental.

She thinks her kids do no wrong. To most, this would be a flaw. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of her kids. Which I am. ☺

She's makes curtains out of sheets. In fact, as a die hard crafter, she makes something out of just about anything.

She is a woman of priorities. No maker how bad the budget gets, she will always have red hair that is suspiciously gray-free and acrylic nails.

She's strong and has survived a lot, with her dignity in tact.

My mom and I become better friends the older I get. I suppose that's the story between mothers and daughters. When daughters become mothers themselves, there is an understanding and a gratitude that simply did not exist before. And perhaps could not have existed. This is just one of the reasons that I have decided that aging has more perks than liabilities.


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