Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coupon Class

Yup. I'm doing it. ☺

After several months of not knowing if this was the best idea in the world or completely lame, I decided on the former! We're having a coupon class at our church next Friday, March 25.

If ya want to come, please do!

There's gonna be cookies....

Seriously. I'm afraid I'll be there talking to myself.

Ok, not really. I have a couponing crazed friend who will also be teaching, so we can at least be yapping to each other if no one else shows. ☺

In other news, today is the most gorgeous day out. It's warm and sunny and perfect.

Leila is very very cheerful and is becoming very vocal. She's saying "AHHHhhhhhhHHAHHHhhhhh" right now. ☺You won't believe this but today as we were driving, she was fiddling with her car seat straps and on her own, she undid the top snappy thing. I was shocked. Hopefully, that was a one time fluke.

I have been soooo busy this week which is why blog land has been neglected entirely. My husband is planning a public school outreach for the last week of the month and I've been his "lovely" assistant. And we're also beginning to plan some ladies activities at church which has me all excited and nervous and busy and nervous some more. In all seriousness, I would greatly appreciate prayer over these ladies fellowships. We've never had anything like this at our church. The need is there. But the know-how is not. ☺ At least not in me! The "Ladies' Coffee & Coupon Class" is our first. I hope to have 2 or 3 "Ladies' Coffees" thorough out the year. In May, to celebrate Mother's Day, I'm planning a special luncheon. THIS is the big one that has me lying awake at night planning and thinking and praying. I so badly want the Lord to use these fun times to encourage and edify.

And that is all the blabbing I have time for, friends. Have a great day! If you're anywhere close to me, it's LOVELY outside and we should all find a way to be out in the sunshine enjoying it! ☺



Marisa said...

SOOOO fun that you are doing a class! I think it is a GREAT idea! If I lived closer Id come! =)

And praying for you on the ladies meetings and get togethers! They are soooo fun to plan and decorate and host.. but yes LOTS of work and LOTS of 50 million things swirling through your head each night! So fun! They will just get better and better when you do them. I learn something new every year that makes the next time so much better!

Julie Fink said...

What a great idea! We did it one Wednesday night at church during the summer and the room was packed. Even men came to listen :). (I didn't teach it, I have no clue how to coupon, but we have a couple of experts in our church that did, and the people loved it).