Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I thought I would bring you up to speed on things I have mentioned recently....

♥ I appreciated everyone's comments on my whining post about being tired. ☺ I've come to the conclusion that Leila is probably going through a growth spurt and needs some extra nourishment. And I also think she would benefit from getting nice long naps instead of the many many tiny cat naps she tends to take. Getting into that deep REM sleep helps her disposition a whole lot. Since making 3 nice long naps a day a priority for her, she is much happier and I hope she's learned better sleep habits. She still is up a few times to nurse at night.

♥ Spring cleaning:

Wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

That was that sound you hear on game shows when the contestants completely flop.

Some deep cleaning has been done but I'm pretty sure it stayed cleaned for exactly 3.8 seconds. And no spaces were cleaned completely all at the same time so I never got that ultra satisfying moment when I could look at the whole house, or even just one room and know: This is clean. I really enjoy that moment and it's been a long time since I had it. ☺ Oh well. Will you all still be my friend if there is crud underneath my stove and shoe-dirt residue on the floor of the closets?

♥ Baby weight. A good report here. Only a couple pounds above pre-Leila weight. I really like the Pilate's class I take weekly, and as much as it does help the waistline, I am almost as equally pleased with how much it helps my back. Toning those muscles has helped with the constant dull pain that I almost had been so used to I didn't notice it. The class I take is mostly older ladies so there are some weeks when I leave a tiny bit embarrassed that I was struggling so hard that my limbs were trembling to do an exercise while the 60 yr. old next to me seemed to not even break a sweat! But of course, the older ladies in the class do have the unfortunate tendency to um... release gas doing some movements too. Of course, everyone just pretends we didn't hear a thing. And pray we aren't next. ☺I've also been eating healthier lunches and snacks (low fat cottage cheese and fruit or tuna salad on whole wheat...) If I remember correctly, it took 3 months to loose the baby weight after Maddie, 4 months after Eden and 5 after Leila. So if I have a 4th baby and start freaking out about not losing the weight, remind me of this so that I chill out until the 6th month.

♥ Maddie's asthma. After several experienced moms suggested cutting dairy from her diet, we have finally done so. It's been about a month, but I haven't really noticed much improvement. I want to give a little more time.



Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Hi Kayte,
You cracked me up with the "release gas" thing. Too close to home, maybe, lol?

With the dairy, have you cut out ALL dairy, as in cracker ingredients, bread ingredients, etc.? Watch for all the derivatives of dairy such as whey, casein, etc. I know they made a difference with Anthony (whey intolerance), but can't remember how far I went for Sarah with her asthma. Seems like I checked everything for her, too. And like you seem to have suggested, it does take a while to get it out of their systems. I hope you find more answers for her.

Kayte said...

Amy, I have not been so thorough. Ugh. That is going to be hard. It would be well worth it if it helps but this is gong to totally re vamp her entire diet. 4 yr. old just love that, right? ;)

I can't beleive it's been a whole year since we came out for a visit!! Time is fun when you're eating flies! (or something like that!) I would love (and I know the girls would too) to come again when winter eventually goes away.