Monday, February 15, 2010



... Eden said "Ha-woe, Mom!" every time she saw me.

... I decided to back my mini van into my driveway as to make unloading my groceries easier. My driveway is long and narrow and this time of year has snow banks on both sides, making it even more narrow. It took me 10 minutes to back up my van and was the hardest thing I have done since delivering Eden.

... Maddie woke up feeling terrible. Literally, she woke up crying, "I feel terrible!!". She and I both have a yucky cold but her asthma multiplies her symptoms.

... I took a nap and so did not get dinner on the table until 7:30 pm.

... I made stuffed pork chops, and homemade dinner rolls for supper.

... I saved over $50 with my coupons at the grocery store.

... I did not do any laundry. Gonna pay for that tomorrow!

... my mom had out patient surgery on her hand, which went well.

... I tried one of these Yoplait Smoothies and it was yummy in my tummy!

Today was a good day around here, despite some illness. Hope you had a wonderful day as well!


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