Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blabbing and the Blessing of Family

Can I just blab tonight? Is that okay?

Of course, it is! It's my blog, for goodness sake! I make the rules around here!!!

I have been feeling the need to write a post of actual substance... like one that is not just pictures of my cutie pies doing their cutie pie antics... but I feel like my brain has been frozen in the winter tundra. I just can't seem to organize any thoughts of any depth... or even think thoughts of depth. I do have a few more organization posts planned but they are not ready. Because I haven't been working on them. But I will. Soon.

So what have I been up to that has made my brain mush? I wish I knew!!

I've been baking homemade bread. YUM-OLA!! There is nothing like fresh bread. And there is nothing like making it yourself. I feel so... so... homemaker-ish!! =)

I've been drinking Stash Chai Spice Tea non stop. This Christmas Morning Tea is probably my all time favorite but it's a seasonal item to find in stores.

I've been cooking big fancy dinners. Well, as fancy as I get.

I've been busy just keeping house. I think Maddie creates more dirty laundry now than she did as a newborn. But I was really fortunate with both my girls as they were not prone to spitting up much. So I guess it all evens out eventually!

I was standing at my kitchen sink this evening getting the girls drinks ready for "night night" and it suddenly occurred to me how wonderful our life is. We are a family. Maddie was off giving her daddy hugs and kisses and she had just been cuddling with me for a few stories. We're not perfect parents (or anywhere close) but our little girls are loved. And I believe that they feel secure. I am so glad for them to have both a mommy and a daddy. God really had a grand idea when He created a family. We are truly blessed. I hope we always see our family as the treasure it is and never treat it as anything less. How many times growing up did I long for the happy home life I so often take for granted now. My life now is quite literally a dream come true. I remember being a teenager and looking forward to creating a Christian home with a Godly man one day and it almost seemed like too much to hope for. A goal so high and almost unrealistic given my circumstances at the time.

But with God, all things are possible.

Thinking along these lines, I always remember something Mrs. JoJo Moffitt, one of my college teachers, would always say in her classes. She compared our marriages and our relationships with children and loved ones to precious delicate tea cups. I think she told a story of one of her prized tea cups breaking one day and though she carefully glued it back together, it was never the same. She said we would never flippantly throw our collectible fragile tea cups around but we can be careless with our relationships. Our words... our actions... our facial expressions. Chipping away at the delicate bone china. I'm not quoting her word for word, of course, but the gist of her point... the importance of treating our relationships with great care... is one of those things that has stayed with me for several years.

That and Mrs. Gaona, the Dean of Woman, sternly saying to me "Kat (only she has ever called me Kat!), if ya don't like to be corrected, then correct YOURSELF!" I'm totally planning on using that one with my girls when they are older.

And Dr. Pete Cowling saying to me, as I walked past him in the hall, with my hair really nice and big and fluffy that day, "Nice hair bounce." YES! Best compliment EVER!

Okay, back to the blessing of family. I came across this video couple of weeks ago and it touched my heart. I'd never heard of this singing couple before and know nothing about them but I thought this song was so true and brings tears to my eyes... and not because it's slightly honky tonk but because of the words. ;)



Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Ooh, you didn't tell me you're using our recipe! I love that! And I love Dr. Cowling's comment, too. Was BIG hair still in when you were at college? I used to spend forever curling mine all over with an itty bitty curling iron, teasing it out, turning my head over and spraying it stiff. Let me tell you, I had nice BIG hair, lol!

darci said...

hello :) i just found your blog off of a friend's blog. I loved your post--what a good word picture, of how we can shatter our kids with careless 'tossing the teacups'..I just found this quote this morning and loved it-
"Life if short and we never have enough time for gladdening the hearts of those who travel the way with us. Oh, be swift to love. Make haste to be kind."
henri frederic amiel

God bless! darci

jen said...

Love that illustration from Mrs. Moffitt!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Your children are simply adorable! Wish I lived closer and could drop over for some of that homemade bread :). Blessings to you this week.