Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pillow Talk

This may be my weirdest post to date (which is saying a lot) but I honestly have nothing to talk about other than my extreme affection for my pillow.

I have one of these contoured memory form numbers pictured above. Except mine has mascara stains from the nights I'm too lazy to chisel off my four coats of Cover Girl Lash Blast.

This pillow as been my nightly friend for a couple of years now and I am so glad I have it. At the time, I was having issues with my neck all the time. I woke up one morning with such a sharp pain in my neck and shoulder blades that Seth couldn't even go to school because I could not function at all, let alone care for my then only child. The cycle of waking up with a vertebrae out of whack, seeing our nice chiropractor for a few visits, feeling better and then repeating the whole process again in a few weeks continued for several months. My chiropractor gave me some good suggestions about changing my sleep position and instructed me to do certain exercises but the problem was still chronic.

One day, walking in JCPennys trying to hunt down some bargains, I noticed this contoured pillow. I had always thought a super soft feather pillow was the best pillow on the planet, and this firm memory form stuff did not strike me as the most comfortable surface to rest my coconut on while I slept. But the claim on the packages was what tempted me to give it a try: it would keep my chin off my chest, which we hopefully keep my neck bones in right place.

I really debated about whether or not to buy the pillow. Even though it was on sale, it was still way more than I had ever paid for a pillow. A whole $17. I'm a very frugal person who believes that money should only be spent on the absolute essential basics of life:

-Hair Highlights

No where in my list of necessities is a quality pillow.

But I bought it any way, justifying the purchase by the money we would save if I did not have to go see the chiropractor. I mentioned that my chiropractor is a nice man, and he is. He is also an avid golfer, which is part of why Seth likes him. But I have to say that the reason he is such a good golfer is because he plays every single day. And do you know who pays for that? The McCoy family! ;)

So, lest the good doctor is allowed to play so much golf that he gets good enough for the PGA tour and desserts his practice, I had to buy the pillow. It was for the good of the community. It was a purely selfless act on my part.

The morale of the story? I am so glad I bought this pillow. I have not had one single day of neck pain ever since. Seriously. Not one day.

So there is my recommendation for neck pain suffers!

Do you know anyone else who could write this much about a simple pillow? Something is wrong with me, people. Very wrong!


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Joyful Blessings said...

I really need to get that pillow Kayte, how helpful was that. I just woke up with the biggest kink in my neck again. I try to keep so many pillows away but fall asleep after being propped up on the computer. End result is kinked neck. ha. BTW you are so funny, you really make me laugh, enjoyable to read your posts.