Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phew!! I'm pooped!

We had a great day today, and now... I. IS. TIRED.

The girls and I went on a journey down the highway to visit Amy and her children. Amy and I, and some of her older girls, had a really enjoyable time visiting while Maddie played and played and played with the youngsters and Eden tortured the cat, which she oddly called "cow". Even after arriving back home, in a half asleep state, she greeted her Daddy with "Hey Daaa! Kitty Cow! Kitty Cow!" which is Eden talk for "Hi Daddy! I played with a kitty cat today!"

Thanks for the fun day, Amy! The Senecal Home was such a pleasant home to be in. There was a beautiful spirit. I hope my girls will grow to be the sweet, cheerful servants that yours are.

After we ate the dinner that Seth so willingly slaved and toiled to make for us (ie. we ordered a pizza) he left to make some pastoral visits. And now, I am pooped! I've been getting so tired in the early evenings the last few days. I need to go to bed early tonight...but the girlies must be cleaned up and bedded first! So this is as interesting as tonight's post will be! =)



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Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

We are SO glad you came! Thank you for a wonderful visit. My kids are officially in love with your girls and I believe I've found a friend, too. :)