Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine and I

Seth and I had a wonderful time at our annual church Valentine's Banquet. We ate delicious food, enjoyed the company of the couples at our table, watched a few "lucky" couples play our version of the newly wed game, and we even won a box of Hot Tamales candies. Fun!

I thought of digging out our Valentine's Banquet pictures from years gone by but thought it would be all too boring for you! We started dating 10 years ago so we've got quite the collection of V-Day Banquet photos by now! And in most, we wore coordinating colors, as we did tonight if ya didn't already notice!

We haven't always bought each other gifts for this silly little holiday but this year, I not only received a heart shaped box of Ferroro Roche (which I of course LOVE) but Seth generously bought us an electric blanket.

It was time. I'm cold. All the time. (Turning my blanket on right now.)

I'm so blessed to have Seth as my Valentine, this year and every year forever and ever. I am told that we will not be married in Heaven (although give me some time and I plan to dispel this theory, which I've noticed is dogmatically defended by men only) but even if they are right about that, he can still be my Valentine in Heaven, right? I've found no Biblical reason why not. I've also found no Biblical reference to Valentine's Day... and in fact it's actually called "St. Valentine's" named for a Catholic saint so maybe this is a far fetched idea...

Well. None the matter. He can still give me Forrero Roche in a heart shaped box in Heaven. And we can still dress up in coordinating clothes and take our picture, right?


Ahem! Is this thing on??!


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Holly said...

Cute picture Kate! You two look great=)