Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diaper Deal

Despite the stack of diaper boxes sitting in Leila's closet, I needed more of her CURRENT size. Usually, the drugstores only carry the boxes in size 3 or larger, so I bought those for future use, while hoping that next week the smaller packages (in which they carry size 1 and 2) would go on sale. Well, that didn't happen soon enough.

Yesterday, I decided to look around Amazon for a deal... you see our town had a snow emergency yesterday so going out to the stores did not sound like a fun (or safe) way to spend my evening. I have one more pack in Leila's size, so waiting for a box to be shipped was okay.

Here is what I found:

228 Size 2 Luvs Diapers

Price: 35.54

If we stopped right there, it would still be cheaper than just going to WalMart and picking up a pack.

But... Amazon has a program called Amazon Mom, which gives you free 2 day shipping and (if you sign up for auto delivery every 1 month, 2 month... up to every 6 months- you pick) you save 30%.

So that brings it down to about $27. I think (remember... math is NOT my area of expertise!) that equates to $.14 per diaper. That, my friends, is a good price.

So I ordered a box. THEN... when my husband came home, he brought in the mail. And in the mail was a BabyTalk magazine, and in the magazine was a coupon code for 20% off an Amazon diaper purchase!!!

So I ordered another box. This one cost under $20. That is like $.9 per diaper. WOW.

A few things I feel I should address:

1. I like Luvs diapers. I will buy Pampers or Huggies when I've got coupons and they are on sale but truthfully, I think Luvs are just as good. Howver, if you really are loyal to a particular brand, you'll pay a bit more than the Luvs but you can still get a good deal.

2. BabyTalk magazine is free. You can sign up for it all over the Internet. I my honest opinion, it is mostly ads and the articles it does have, I fundamentally disagree with 90% of the time. BUT... it's free and it occasionally has coupons in it. ☺

3. Amazon Mom is free, and I can cancel the auto delivery at any time. It is a good deal so I may not cancel, unless Leila's grows out of size 2 before then. And with 456 diapers in this size, it's a good chance she will!

I just wanted to pass that idea along to other moms looking for a deal on diapers, and hey, "free shipping" is one of my favorite terms.


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~Amy~ said...

I rarely buy anything online. Though I have been hearing about a ton of good online deals...guess I should change my ways.