Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beginning phonics....

Today, the girls and I started structured phonic lessons. We have been doing pre-school activities in a casual way for a long time; they both love it and beg to "do school" all the time. Maddie seems to be ready to actually learn to read so.... here we go!

I basically have no idea what I am doing and am completely winging it.

Okay, well that's not entirely true. I'm using the phonic materials I used to teach the kindergartners at our Christian school. Since Maddie just turned four in October, I plan to go very slow, and not to order the math materials quite yet.

Our first day went very well. I am sure not every day will; in fact yesterday I seriously considered canceling the entire venture. Maddie was impatiently waiting for me to read her a story, while Leila needed my attention as well. At the exact same time, Eden was pouting (a habit we are working very hard at ending!) and the trash was overflowing (another habit I'd like to see an end to!). The dishes were stacked high and the beds had yet to be made. And the tea kettle whistled a shrill reminder that though I may eventually get around to making my tea, it would probably just sit neglected and cold until lunchtime, when my husband would be home to find me still in my pajamas and no warm lunch waiting for him. At times like that, despair creeps in and I truly don't know what to do first.

At which point that cute song from Sound of Music runs through my head: "Let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start ..."

We started our lessons with the letter L.

While Maddie practiced identifying words that begin with "l" and wrote some "l"s of her own, Eden was busy coloring.

After completing today's lesson, we found items around the house that begin with "l" and labeled them:

(he he he)


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