Thursday, January 20, 2011

Behold: The Stockpile

Some of you reading this post will think it is awesome. Some will think it is ridiculous. I completely agree with both views. ☺

I started being a "serious" coupon-ista about a month and a half ago. What I mean by this is that I went from casually snipping a few coupons for products I would normally purchase, thereby saving a few bucks here and there.... to clipping every single coupon out of the paper (and printing lots from online sources) even if it's a brand I normally don't buy or a product I've never tried. I still throw lots of coupons away (when they expire) but until then, I hang onto them waiting for a sale which will allow me to buy products for at least 75% off, in many cases free. It's become my hobby. Basically, I peruse the Sunday ads, keeping my eye open for items for which I have coupons. I use the Krazy Coupon Lady to help find the deals (and to learn the basics of couponing). I also like I am THAT Lady simply because she does coupon match ups for my local grocery store, which the first site does not.

It did not take long before I was in need of a shelf in my basement to contain my stockpile. Stockpiling is just part of the couponing world. Because when you find a great deal, why not get lots of it so that you NEVER buy something for full price. And also, many deals require a bigger quantity as specified by the sale and/or coupon.

Unlike many crazy stock pliers, I do not keep it all in one location. Though it's tempting to be able to display all of the beautiful merchandise I've obtained for little to no money, I really like having things closer to where I actually use them. And I'm blessed with the storage areas in our living space to do so.

So come along with me on a tour of my shopping trophies...

Firstly, the basement:
16 bottles of detergent, paid about $3 for each. Not as cheap as some I really prefer this brand.

And up above you saw lots and lots of toilet paper. I've lost count. I was going for a year's supply but it's difficult to calculate what a year's supply of TP is for our family. All I know is that those girls use more than they should! All of the rolls on the 3rd shelf and on the tables were FREE. The Scott packages on the bottom, and the paper towels, were cheap but not free. The tissues on top were free and the 10 cans of soup were .40 ea. Those 12 boxes of cereal were totally FREE.

Under my sink is several bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner that I bought for $1/ea. (only the tops are seen in the picture). What you do see is 7 boxes of dish washing detergent, bought for under a dollar each. And 17 bottles of Dawn dish washing soap which I got for FREE.
I've been snagging boxes of diapers for $13-$15. Those tubes of Huggies wipes were .75.

Behind the mound of tissue boxes (.75 for Kleenex brand) are 21 tubes Colgate Sensitive toothpaste. My husband needs sensitive toothpaste, which is pretty expensive. So when I saw the deal for these tubes for FREE, I bought a lot. I did have to pay sales tax, but for toothpaste that is normally $5, I will gladly pay just tax!
Also in this closet are almost 20 bottles of shampoo/conditioners, all costing me about $1 ea. What is not pictured are lots of pain meds., cold remedies, and Tylenol heat patches which were FREE.

So there you have it. And of course I didn't take pictures of my pantry or refrigerator. Would anyone like some yogurt? ☺ I've NEVER had a full pantry before. I feel like a squirrel storing up nuts for winter. My husband is enjoying my new hobby not just because of the fact that I am saving some real money (and therefore actually staying well within my grocery budget) but he gets a kick out of newly found appreciate for math. He's always been the one with the knack for math... he actually ENJOYS balancing the checkbook and figuring out how many miles he got out of a tank of gas, etc , Meanwhile I depend on the calculator on my phone more than I care to admit. But with all my figuring of percentages saved and breaking down the cost per unit... he just smiles at me as if he has finally converted me to a math lover.

Couponing: Saves money. Provides entertainment. Improves elementary math skills. Impresses husbands. ☺



raising4princesses said...


Bethany said...

That's awesome! I bow to your superior skills... and I'm going to check out those links.
What I want to know is... how do you do it with your kids? Maybe my kids are just bad, but grocery shopping is difficult at best when I have them with me. I can't imagine looking for a specific brand/size/flavor to match a coupon while keeping them happy.

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

Okay, I'm gonna need some lessons. SERIOUSLY. I don't coupon right cause it aggravates me and then I just quit.
I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

When I had three children - two toddlers and a 10 year old - I shopped around 1am. My children were in bed. My husband was in bed. Everyone ELSE'S children were in bed too. Great shopping at that hour if you don't mind the pallets of products lining every aisle.

Kayte said...

Bethany, I try to go without with munchkins as much as possible. Sometimes I do take them and it is not at all relaxing! I try to limit those to QUICK trips. I've been going Sun. afternoon when Seth is available to be at home while the kiddos nap. Sometimes I go after dinner as well. I'm fortunate in that any store I want to frequent is less than 10 minutes away.

Kayte said...

Tara, you could totally do this. I can help you if you're serious. The Krazy Coupon Lady has lots of info for beginners too. Just start with one store (my fav. is RiteAid) and then branch out.

Rebekah Tastet said...

This is my first time to visit your blog! :) I enjoyed it! I am starting this journey of I was encouraged by your post! I have a few other friends that encouraged me to start and have given me pointers. Thanks!

Rena said...

Awesome Kayte!! I have become a crazy coupon lady too... I started in late November. It has become a hobby. However, I tend to spend too much time on it lately and have to learn balance.

Debbie said...

Awesome!!! I am just starting to get into couponing, although I am limited by our small area. We have only Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Aldi and a local grocery store in my area. Oh well....Walgreens has some pretty great deals! :)

Holly said...

WOW Kayte! I'm impressed!! You have inspired me to start clipping coupons, I wish we lived closer so that I could pick your brain, where do I start!?