Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Dresses Photos

There is something in me that feels that matching Christmas dresses are just about a requirement for my brood of girls. These sweet little navy dresses (with matching purses!) were snagged off of a clearance rack after LAST Christmas. Sadly, Leila did not get one. And she slept through this photo sessions anyway. As for NEXT year, I have yet to find 3 matching dresses in the needed sizes! yikes. I cringe at the thought of what my poor girls will look like in the homemade ones I may have to whip up. Read this post and you'll be ready to cut eye holes out of brown paper bags for them to wear next December. I've been thinking of modifying a couple cute tree skirts...?

Anyway, they sure looked cute this year in their Christmas dresses!

And their sweet friends, Lexi and Elli looked fabulous in their hot pink ensembles. =)

Two pairs of sister ~ Four friends. These girls are right on top of each other age wise. They've been buddies since I jumped up and down (with Maddie in my belly) in happiness when Lexi's mommy told me Lexi was in the oven.



Marisa said...

Sooooo Cute!

Korina said...

I so remember you jumping up n down too! haha!! Priceless memory.

Andy said...

i too have been hunting for dresses for next year. Meijer had some darling ones for 4.49 but only in the size my baby will be wearing next year. So of course I snagged them up for her. Have not been to any other "real" stores yet though....just happened on those when I went for groceries:)(this is from Kristina Auclair...not sure why it posted as my husband....he does NOT shop for dresses for my girls:)

Joyful Blessings said...

The are adorable in their new velvet dresses. I love the satin bows.