Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Crowded Bathtub


As I was getting these photos prepared for posting, it occured to me that Maddie may be reaching the age where bath photos shouldn't go online. So.... I'm going go ahead and declare that this are the last of them. =)

After many many attempts, I have finally figured out how to create storyboards. And truthfully, I actually downloaded the template here, and followed these instructions. Even which such great explanation, I'll be honest and tell ya: this was hard for me to learn! I *think* I can finally wrap my head around it now though. I am working on Photoshop Elements 8, the baby brother of the full Photoshop. I've had it a couple of years now and still have so much to learn. Of course, by now, Elements 9 and 10 have been released. Technology is a bit frustrating that way... you only have the latest for about 2 seconds.

But what is really giving me fits lately is my computer. It is a good 5 yrs. old which I guess in computer world is a grandfather. It originally only had 1 GB... after replacing the hard drive a couple of years ago, we figured we'd go ahead and put in another GB since Vista was taking that lonely GB all to itself. My Elements was more than it could handle. But about 354,986 photos, mostly saved in large files, later.... it's on it's death bed. =( I was given a lap top with 4 GB but it has some issues of it's own and can not connect to the interest. So now I'm debating what to do.... maybe put some money into the lap stop to fix it.... but I'm not sure about editing on a laptop. I'm so mouse accustomed. (I guess I could plug a mouse in a lap top, right?) Blach. This is not where I like to spend my time or money. But it's kind of necessary.



Beth said...

Such adorable photos! My husband uses Photoshop all the time on his laptop. It's more convenient for him that way. He can take it to the church to work or work on it here at home.

Karla @ {Kurli•Cues Boutique} said...

I too am using PSE 8 and it would crash my old lap top every. single. time. I got a new laptop about 2 years ago and also got an external hard drive that houses ALL my files. Best decision ever!
Cant' wait to try a storyboard - thanks for the link!

Karla @ {Kurli•Cues Boutique} said...

Oh,and the mouse thing should be a non-issue...I got a wireless mouse on clearance at Target (actually bought a couple) for about $5, but they are not much more than that original price. :)

Jamiee said...

Love that storeboard and photos! Awesome this auntie is need of some new ones as well!!! I highly suggest the splurge of a external drive! Go to and they always have some thing good, I bought mine there years ago and its been forever faithful to me!

Rena said...

Awesome photos!!

I use a laptop all the time, we have a mouse that plugs into the laptop if you don't like the wireless ones.

Without the mouse, I hate using a laptop!