Friday, July 8, 2011

Leila these days


Leila Christine McCoy

A few days shy of 9 months old.

Crawls, rolls, scoots. Says "da da da da da da" and a funny little growling noise. Wants no binkie, no bottle, no cupie. Only mama. Likes pears, apple sauce and cereal. 6 teeth. Oddles of rolls and squishy softness. 16 lbs. Loves playing in the bath and wading pool. Loves people! Any people... oh if only people would look at her and play with her all day she'd smile all day long. But when the people go away, she's sad.

She's my baby. But she's getting big awfully fast!



Jamiee said...

She sure does look like her daddy! I love how you have those pics together! I wish I was close to be one of those that would give her all the attention she wants! Huge kisses to all our girls from Auntie Jay and Uncle Corey!

Rena said...

Awww so darling!!!