Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me and my agenda

I am a woman with an agenda. I always have been. For as long I can remember, I constantly have 2 or 3 or sometimes more projects or goals floating around in my head that I want to bring to fruition. Anything form a do-it-yourself project around our house, or updating something at the church, or completing an online course or selling something, making something, etc.

I wanna get stuff done.

Sometimes my agenda gets big. Real big. Like right now. I want to clean and fill our pool, create a giant flower bed in the front yard, repair the front porch, finish a sidewalk to the porch, clean our horribly messy garage and even more messy basement. I want to decorate my husband's office. I want to wall paper my bedroom and the baby's bedroom. I want to plant a row of hosta along the church building. I want to add trim work to the kitchen. And a thresh hold. I want to hang an American flag on the house.

This is just a small spattering of my long long list.

And when I say "I" in that previous paragraph, I really mean my husband. 'Cause I'm an expanding by the minute expectant mama. And he is really good at all that stuff.

But here is the problem: His life's purpose if not to complete my honey-do list. *gasp*

He is actually quite busy with his job as an assistant pastor. Hmph.

So... I do what I can. And I get my supplies gathered to go till my dirt (how silly is it that we BUY dirt?) and then.... it rains. Hard.

The ground is soaked. The soil is soaked. I need to the sun to come out and dry my dirt so I can till it.

Okay so, my husband's life doesn't revolve around my agenda and now I have to accept that the sun also is not at my beck and call. This is getting hard to take.

And then.... my baby girl gets sick and needs some extra care and cuddling. Wow. Is the whole world out to thwart my personal agenda??

So here I sit, with Princess Cranky holding me tight and I think, Well, the yard looks bad. The kitchen is without it's final trim work and thresh hold. The pool is more like a lagoon. The garage and basement reflect the fact that a family just moved in after extensive remodeling. And it's okay.

It's okay because little sickies still get cuddled and curious preschoolers still get to go help Daddy. God's business gets cared for and people, we hope, are helped in the process. Dinners still come out of the untrimmed kitchen. Little girls still get their painted toe nails filthy while playing on the ugly yard with no flower bed, in front of a house with no flag.

It will all get done, eventually. What is not going to get done is the bad attitude and frustration that I usually succumb to when my agenda is not being reached. None of that stuff really really matters. Its all temporal. Its all of this world. Shouldn't I be striving for the things that are of above? (Col. 3:2)

"Wait on the Lord" was the theme I choose for 2010. Here is another opportunity for God to strengthen me in this area.



Michelle said...

Loved's very true, and very timely for me! I linked to this post on my blog, hope you don't mind!

emily said...

Wow, so thought provoking and insightful. Something definitely to remember and put into practice - thanks, Kayte!
Emily Lynch