Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Beloved!

My girls have a wonderful Daddy. He truly is a great father. Seth is so balanced about his fatherhood... he is tender with his wee little girlies, but also firm and his word is law. He is their best play companion and is always up to rolling around on the floor while they "wrestle" with him. He is also always willing to allow them to accompany him while he works, when it is possible.

He is patient. He is consistent. He is wise.

He does diaper duty. He holds them when they are sick. He carries them when they are tired. He pushes the stroller and weaves it around crazily while they squeal in delight. He makes otherwise "grouchy wake up from nap time" fun with his silly antics. He makes the best chocolate milk ever. He makes the girls think that our old mini van is a race car and beats everyone on the road (even though its really just coincidence that we pass people- usually). He reads lots of story books.

He gives kisses, and correction as needed.

He protects the girls and guards their innocence.

My girls are so blessed to have such a daddy, and I am so glad for that.

Baby Maddie:

Baby Eden:


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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

The Lord certainly blessed you with a wonderful man ♥.