Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hitting the road!

We leave tomorrow for New Jersey for a youth conference!

So if you think of me, pray for our safety and Lord's blessing on the conference. And pray that my ankles don't swell to ginormous portions in the swelling Jersey humidly. Its expected to be in the 90s with thunderstorms. I will be driving a 1980-something little Toyota with the teen girls in it, while my hubby gets our van since there are more boys than girls. Although the Toyota has no CD or even tape player, and no cruise control, it DOES have air conditioning!!! Thank you, Lord! It does not, however, have a single cup holder but if I have to, one of those girls will be my designated Diet Pepsi holder. =)

And one of them can hold the tissue box while I cry from saying good bye to my girls for 4 days!

As I prepared for this conference, I reminisced back to a few years ago when it was Maddie I was expecting while chaperoning youth trips. That year, we drove the church bus out to Indiana. My ankles and feet were at least triple their normal size by the time we arrived. Every time I sat down in that hot bus, I could literally feel them expanding. We had a great trip overall but something you may not realize about hotel rooms filled with 5 woman is that it means there are 5 (and maybe more is someone really brought their collection) different body sprays being sprayed several times a day. What happens when you mix peach body spray with pear body spray with sweet pea body spray, etc etc etc? It stinks. Real real bad. Yuck. And then... teen girls get cold. And turn off the a/c. So the room is stinky AND hot. And then, someone suggests eating dinner at White Castle and... well... I shalt spare you the details of what White Castle burgers do to already smelly situation.

So... before we even pull out of the church parking lot, the rules will be made clear:

1. I will sleep by the a/c and no one NO ONE will touch it but ME! Unless you are intending to turn it up...

2. No fruity sprays will be sprayed inside the hotel room. Please step outside the room and contaminate the hall way.

3. We will not eat at White Castle. Ever. Never ever ever.

4. Do not turn off the a/c under any circumstances. When we start to see our breath, I will consider lowering it. Until then, NO TOUCHY.

And that is all!



Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Have fun! I will be praying for you :).

Jamiee said...

HAHAHAHAAHAH It may be a good thing your loving niece is not on board with this group them ROFL You should of seen what I told her to put back before going to California!

Joyful Blessings said...

Love it Kayte, sorry I was late reading your post...would of prayed for your trip. Can't wait to hear about it.