Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sale Treasure

Wanna see what I found at a garage sale yesterday?

I spotted this adorable dresser as soon as I pulled up to the house. I knew right away that it was CUTE and would not last long. I dreaded looking at the price tag, fearing that it would be way out of my spending budget. I had $30 wadded up in my pocket.

The tag read $40. Not a bad price, really. I inspected it carefully to see how sturdy it was. I opened up every drawer and examined how they were constructed. It has rolling casters so I shimmied it around to see if anything was loose. I could tell that it was in wonderful condition and very well maintained.

I walked over to the lady conducting the garage sale and asked her if she would take $30 for the dresser. She instantly said no, and really I couldn't blame her. Someone would absolutely buy it for their asking price, probably more. I only had $30 so I left, a bit disappointed. As I was walking away, the husband called out to me and told me that they had a matching crib that I could have included in the $40. I thanked him for the offer but wasn't really looking for a crib. They seemed like a really nice older couple and I really adored that dresser. So I decided to call my husband and see what he thought of their asking price.

Seth agreed that $40 wasn't a bad price if the dresser is solid and I really liked it. So he told me to give the couple what cash I had so they would hold for me whole I went to get enough money out of the bank. YEAH!

I typically make plans to refinish used wood furniture, and since this dresser is to be used for our girls, I had momentarily thought of painting it white to match their bedroom. But it so charming in the pale yellow. It is 38 yrs. old and has never been repainted nor needs it now. So my plan is to decorate our small "baby" bedroom in pale yellow and lavender. Don't you picture the dresser paired with a lavender damask wall paper looking so vintage and adorable? These plans will have to wait a while but the scheme is being formulated! ;)

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Renee said...

Lovely dresser indeed! And it will be so pretty with yellow and lavendar....a pale green toile would also look nice with such a dainty dresser :) Congrats on the expected baby:)