Thursday, December 1, 2011

That's the kind of blogger I am

The kind of blogger who neglects her blog (and blog-world friends, even worse...sorry) for a month and then pops on just to shamelessly post of picture of her cute baby.

yup. That's the kind of blogger I am. 

Actually, I've got lots I've been meaning to "catch up" on.  It's just been very busy. Holidays, home school (just y one lil' kindergartner but boy it's just "one more thing" that for some reason zaps my time!), church stuff, and I don't know if you realize this or not, but 3 children are kinda time hogs! Who knew? ;)

Anyway, I do plan to blog more in depth as soon as possible. I've been thinking of what direction this blog will take in 2012 (can you believe where almost there already?!!!) and have (obviously) lots of pictures to share.

The above pic was taken today. I kinda love it. I don't think I've really loved any image of mine thus far. Yeah. Improvement (I think). Yeah!

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Jamiee said...

Hmmmmm didnt you have all 3 girls in that dress at one point in time?!? LOL ... This auntie would love this pic plus any other .. the ones of Eden are amazing too!