Thursday, December 8, 2011

Once a week

I take a shower, whether I need it or not.

Okay, not really. I actually take one every day. But that's the first thing that came to my mind when I typed that title.

I have a really strange sense of humor. I used to try to hid it. I've given up.

Maybe I should type posts first, then title later.

What I really am implying by "once a week" is how often I'm committing to post photos. So now I have a dorky question: Is a 52 project like an official thing that one signs up for? Is there more then one? What's the best one? What does it mean to join one? How often do you take a shower? What is the meaning of life?


What in the world was in that Mocha whatch-ma-call-it drink from McDs?? *sigh* Probably lots of caffiene. It's gonna take a melatonin pill to get to sleep tonight. I'm so worn out in the a.m., it's take some serious coffee goodness to get going and then so wired by bedtime, I need some "natural" melatonin supplement to drift off before 2 am. Just a few steps away from Michael Jackson, I tell ya! Nothin' "natural" about that! =P


Anyway, how cute is Maddie? The other day, my sweetie pie honey bunches left these single pink roses all over the house with little notes. They're on their last day or two, so I let Maddie hold them while posing for me. It was pretty cold out (in the 30s!) so I got her a hot chocolate to warm up and thank her for helping Mommy work on photography. I'm still not nailing a few technical aspects. Bummer. It's sort of frustrating to not improve on something when you study up on it and work at it. But ultimately, I think the practice of being patient and not expecting instant expertise is good for me. For instance, I wasn't instantly good at snarky ridiculous sarcasm. It's taken years of practice, right? Well, no actually. I think I was born this way. Okay, bad example.


In other news, Christmas is soon to be here and it's a great time of year to be a mommy to 3 little ladies. We drove around looking at Christmas lights tonight. The older girls stared out of window shouting "LOOK AT THAT ONE!!!" to every house with so much as a lit up wreath! Maddie spotted little princess cell phones in a dollar bin and asked to buy some for her sister and friends. So she did and wrapped them herself. There's a LOT of tape on those little suckers! =) We're still carving out new holiday traditions for our young family so our plans for Christmas day aren't exactly settled, other than church. I love Christmas falling on Sunday. It just seems right to have a church service for Jesus' birthday.




Enjoy the season! ♥



raising4princesses said...

i've been so busy, i've not stopped by in a few weeks. I LOVE your pictures especially the one with only the color roses!!!! Good job, pretty lady!

Jesse and Carol Myer said...

Your daughter is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Megan McCoy Dellecese said...

Hey, Kayte! The cool thing about blogging is that you can just do your own thing (unless, of course, you're stealing content from someone else...which you're obviously not! ;-)). As for a 52 project, you can just start posting! It's neat to use a label "52" or "weekly" to keep 'em organized, but otherwise you can just start typin'. There's a niche out there for regular blogs, but it's nothing you'd necessarily have to register or sign up for. :-) Good luck, and happy writing!

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

Great post Kayte, you have a beautiful model...I on the other hand fell asleep while waiting in the car line to pick Matthew up from school...not till everyone behind me started to honk did I realize it.

Jamiee said...

Kayte~ This Auntie needs pics and those are adorable!! I would love love love a pile for Christmas :D :D Please!!!
Thats all I want ... Your doing amazing with pics and wish you could be around in June to practice on the new baby!