Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts on this Thursday

Eden asked if she could play with my wedding veil, so we made a deal: she'd pose for pictures in exchange. I should have been more specific in our contract and included a "look at the camera" clause.

Obviously, my heart just hasn't been into my blog lately. I am keeping up with the blogs that I follow but just don't have the time or energy to write these days. Many evenings, around 7 pm. I am just DONE. Done done done.

I am enjoying learning about photography. There is really do much more technical information to absorb that at times, I feel frustrated and overwhelmed and doubt I will ever learn enough to be any good at this. But I'm trying to bite off one chunk at a time, and have fun in the process. I have not been doing much editing; the above photo is the first one all week I've done much post processing with. I'm focusing on getting quality pictures in the camera. Nothing spectacular yet, of course. I'm sure I'll be sharing more photos in the future. Hope you don't mind that.

In other news, it's birthday month at our house! ☺Leila just turned 1 (wow!) and Maddie turns 5 in a few days. I turn.... 28... a couple of days after. Candy land cake is planned for a simple party on Sunday. Maddie is literally counting down the days. It's really fun to have kids old enough to actually get into their birthdays!

For me personally, I'm just plugging away at the typical mom/wife stuff. I feel like it's a 'steady as she goes' kind of phase for me right now. No great highs, no terrible lows. I get bits of encouragement and instruction from my Bible every day, and it's enough to hold me over until my tank is empty 24 hours later.


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Jessica Curtis said...

Absolutely love it! I thought you planned on her not looking.