Monday, November 15, 2010

On my noggin

I have thought of posting several times lately. I'll decide I have something worthy of sharing with everyone BUT... when I sit down at my computer, I am almost always nursing, and writing an entire post one handed is just not relaxing to me! (Besides... I'm so prone to typos with TWO hands, no one would be able to comprehend a post written with one hand!)

But here I am... 2 older girls napping and one wee baby fussing at her Daddy, while he attempts to study. I could go rescue him... but this father-daughter bonding time is important for them. ☺

Leila is one month old! I can't believe how fast life is flying by! I took her to be weighed today and she is exactly 10 lbs! That's pretty impressive weight gain from her 6.9 birth weight! The name Leila sounds similar to the Chinese word for hungry (or so I am told... can't say I know even one word of Chinese, despite the hundreds of fortunes from fortune cookies I have read...uh eaten... you know what I mean!) She is doing better at night and lets me get 5-6 consecutive hours of sleep. I took the advice of a friend and began putting her to sleep in her car seat to keep her snug and secure feeling. This has made a big difference in her restfulness, and my ability to get out of bed in the morning! I tend to think being inclined during the bulk of the night (I put her in the crib in the wee hours when she more easily goes to sleep so she will be accustomed to the crib) helps her tummy and tendency to spit up.

Though time is flying, I am glad to have reached this one month mark. Nursing during the first few weeks is somewhat difficult and I am glad to have those days of terrible soreness behind me.

Other than "baby brain"... you know; that remarkable phenomenon where I as the Mother of a newborn can not retain a single detail or remember anything other than when I last fed the baby... I have a few other things on my noggin:

- I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house. My sisters in law are contributing to the meal so it really isn't much more work than a typical Sunday with our big family. I excited about it. =)

- I am ready to admit that I am addicted to sugar. And fast food. I know... it's terrible. I'm working on it. I have filled my fridge and pantry with healthy selections and have vowed to eat at home this week. I am awfully hungry ALL THE TIME. Which doesn't help my attempt to break my addictions. It so tempting to grab something fast, easy and rottenly bad for you. BUT... be proud of me, everyone... when my tummy started growling this afternoon, I resisted the package of cookies (the ones my husband MUST have in the house at all times... he requests few things; I will not deny the man his cookies!) and instead had a cup of tea (with only a teeny weeny bit of sugar) and a small bowl of whole grain granola cereal. Kashi is actually what it is. Tasty really. Not Lucky Charms but not cardboard either.

- Buying Maddie a pack of Go Fish cards was a bad idea. I pick them up and find them all over the place. They are being thrown away as I find them.

- I went to Rite Aid today and bought $119 worth of household items (diapers, toilet paper, tooth paste, shampoos, etc.) and paid $45 for it all. I have such fun coupon and sale shopping!

- Leila is balding and so am I. (Post partum hair loss...)

- I've come to the conclusion that in our Christian walk, we are really not very far from success or failure. Just one poor choice away from opposing God and (thankfully) just one prayer away from being right with Him. The two spectrums used to seem very far apart to me... but as I see more how depraved we as man really are, I seem to be capable of being in both positions at different times even in the same day. Our God must surely be more patient and loving and merciful than we could even conceive.

- My finger nails are in sorry sorry shape.

- My tea has grown cold.

- I have an amazing ability to smell newborn poopie from anywhere in the house. What's funny about this is that I have a dull sense of smell... normally Seth is the one to notice a scent... he is particular about cleaning products and candles for this reason. But it never fails that I can be in a different room and KNOW when Leila needs a change. And it's not that it's horrific smelling or anything... just distinct. So there: I am not without talents after all.

- This was the tree in our front yard a week or so ago:
Awesome right?



~Amy~ said...

Good to hear from you again! Lots of stuff in that noggin! ;)

Kristina Auclair said...

:) love reading your are one great mommy!!!