Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy to have my hands full..

{Maddie's hand on left; Eden's on the right}

Leila is three weeks old today. I already feel like her infancy is flying by!

And since I am pretty much feeling back to normal... normal plus 10 lbs, minus a few hundred strands of hair, and a few residual aches and pains... I have been taking my three little ladies out into public a bit. Nothing exciting... grocery store, WalMart, story time, etc. I smile at myself, remembering back when Eden was born and how I really felt that taking TWO WHOLE CHILDREN out by MYSELF seemed like an awful lot of work. Maybe my muscles are bigger, maybe it's the fact that Maddie is older and a genuine help (open door, carry diaper bag, walk next to me, etc.) but so far going out with all three is quite doable. Takes time... there is no rushing anywhere.
{Modeling a cute new outfit}

One thing that has amused me as I venture out into the world is how many remarks I am already receiving from strangers. The line is almost always the same:

"Boy, you sure have your hands full!"

To which my automatic reply is:

"Better full than empty!"

It's amusing to me because I don't really feel like I have a big family. I would expect the "hands full" comments if I was toting around 6,7,8,... 10 kids. But 3? Really?

Not than I'm saying 3 isn't a full time job. 'Cause it is. My washing machine has put in a long hard work day, and so have I. Today, before noon, I had cleaned poop off walls (Leila has a unique talent: projectile pooping), urine off of floors and rugs (all that I said the other day about how well Eden is doing potty training- I take it all back ☺not really but today wasn't her finest...), and vomit off of bedding (I guess since Eden had an upset tummy, the potty accidents are understandable, right?) And all of that was done while functioning off of 2.5 hours of sleep... literally. (Please- no nominations for martyr hood... my fantastic father in law took Maddie for the entire afternoon while the younger two and I napped for a couple of blissful hours.)

{Smiley Tushie... he he he}

I suppose it's the decreased average family size in America; and although I have no research to back it up, it seems that our region in particular has smaller families. I don't mind the comments... just wasn't expecting them at this point. It makes me wonder what kind of reactions people with what I consider large families receive in public.

I sincerely am glad to have my hands full... even if those hands have touched some nasty substances on this day! Somewhere, there is a woman who would give anything to have newborn poop to clean up, or a sick toddler to cuddle or a chatty preschooler to listen to. Thank you, Lord, for my pretty little blessings.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD, and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Ps.127:3



Anonymous said...

I remember when our youngest was a baby (she is the youngest of four and now 27) people would say my what a large family! I thought the same thing you did that 4 children didn't seem to be that many. I have heard that people consider two children more than what they have as a large family.

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

I remember when taking 1 baby to the store was such a big deal...now it's a treat!

Jaime said...

Always enjoy your posts Kayte. :)

I too remember what I *thought* was such a big job with even just one. It amazes me how adaptable we have become. :)

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl!

Michelle said...

I think it's funny,too, when people say I have a large family.(I have four.) I just tell them that we must not know the same people. My family is teeny-tiny compared to some that I know.