Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To: French Braid Around the Head

I thought I would share this pretty but functional (as in... actually stays put longer than 3.4 seconds) french braid idea. I do this on my girls a lot and I think it's pretty stinkin' cute.

 In Maddie's pic above, I stop the braid on one side and connect it with another braid below the ear. Dutch braid meets side pony tail. On Eden's pic, you can see that I wrap the initial braid all the way around. Very darling. Stick some flowers in it and she'll look like a cherub. Excpet not naked. The first idea (on Maddie) does hold up better while the chickies climb trees and jump off furniture.

I made a (cheesy) "how to" video on you tube. My husband (graciously) served as camera man and was in a bit of a hurry. {What, my dear? You DON'T want to spend all evening videoing me french braiding? I suppose the manicure session I had planned for later is out too.} In the video, Eden thought a fly was going to attack here, and claims child abuse for every slight tug at her hair. And Maddie was chatting away to herself in the background. But Leila was good and quiet. One of out of three. That's the best I hope for these days. ;) (kidding') Anyway, hopefully you can figure out what I was doing. And at the end, you may want to take a comb and smooth out any funky looking hairs on top (I forgot that on the video).

If I make no sense at all, have no fear. Pony tails will always be in style.



Amy Beth Wilson said...

That it very cute, i particularly like Edens hairstyle. It looks really cute on red hair (and on brown hair two!) Maddie looks a lot like you Kayte <3

Amy & Co.

Michelle said...

I recently did this on my Brianna and one of the Senecal girls asked if I had watched it from your blog. I proudly said,, "Yes, I did."

I was just very happy that it looked a little like it was suppose to look. (When it comes to hair, I am...well, let's just say...challenged.) :)