Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall has arrived.... and neat videos

I know... who says "neat"? It's right up there in the list of terms no cool people use like "swell" and "dandy". But I just have a soft spot for out dated exclamations so I will continue to use them freely.

You may have guesed it by my lack of posts: I'm a busy girl these day. I've thoughtof post ideas a hundred times but lack the time to sit down and share. In no particular order, here's what's been keeping me from my keyboard:

cooking food
cleaning up food
buying food
teaching Maddie K
keeping little ones busy while I teach Maddie*
decorating for fall.... mums + pumpkin + my front porch = smile
revival meetings at church
weeding through closets to get the right size/season for all these people who live here
scrubbing basement walls to "dry lock" them (well, okay to be fair Seth has done all that)

Exciting things:

Leila walks. Not far and not steady but she does.

We have a pool table... awesome lil' story. Seth, who has forever wanted to have a pool table in our basement, was approached by an old neighbor/friend who wanted to know if we'd take a pool table of his hands. It's beautiful and they just wanted to clear the space so... um yeah. Jolly good!

Finally making progress with Maddie's asthma/allergies. New doc., new meds, no dust allowed in my house. No mold either, which is why the dry lock in the basement. Now if only my neighbors would all kindly chop down their oak trees and if Congress would please out law rag weed, we'd be all set. I'm sure rag weed is the only thing left for Congress to meddle with. =)

*And now, to share some DVDs I've loved and wanted to let you all know about.

The complete set of 8 is available here.

My sweet friend sent these to my girls a while ago and they love them. The cartoon stories about different heroes of the faith are done in such a great way. They are entertaining and teach great lessons. The DVD special features have GREAT documentaries that Seth and I enjoyed a lot too. We actually showed one of the documentaries at church. They are geared for school aged children but my 3 and 4 yr. old seem to be able to follow the plots easily enough. Some stories have scary parts (Jim Elliot's martyrdom, for example) but, in my opinion, it's not done in a graphic way. Mostly, the feelings of danger is created with music. One DVD, of Amy Carmichael in India, has a scene with a little girl being left at a temple by her mother and that is actually the scariest for my girls so we fast froward it.

Anyway, if you're like me and always looking for something safe and helpful for your kids to watch, here is an idea for you.

And that is all. Have a great day!


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The Lockhart Family said...

We really like those videos as well. Our kids are 5, 3, and 2 and they usually end up watching one almost every day. Right now their favorite is Amy Carmichael. My two-year-old (a boy) LOVES the monkey. :)

We downloaded all of them off of We are missionaries to Brazil and found that this was easier than getting them sent in the mail. :) And they are also available "on demand" instead of having to wait for the mailman!

Enjoy reading your blog!