Thursday, July 8, 2010

Your decorating advice, please!

Behold! My naked kitchen window:
It needs a treatment, don't you think?But WHAT treatment would you suggest? I'm stumped.

You see, everything I find, whether to purchase or make, looks country-ish to me. And while I do appreciate country decorating in other people's homes, it is not what I'm aiming for in my own.
I'm not sure what style, if any, I want. Maybe cottage? Vintage? Basically, I've done the house in colors that feel peaceful. It's not formal but not extremely casual either. I've decided to veer away from being a "matchy matchy" fanatic and just simple choose things I like on their own merit. And the result has been more interesting and reflective on the people who live here.

Browsing through the fabric store this evening, I found a few selections that would compliment the colors and other fabrics in the kitchen/dining room. And I would LOVE to try to sew something with those pretty fabrics. But I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Maybe just start with a simple rod pocket valance and then embellish it somehow when it's done? But then comes that fear that the end result is going to country-ish.

So what do you suggest? Any links to how-to instructions? And would you mount the rod to the window frame, or do you think a suspension rod behind that wooden valance would be best?

Here are a few more pictures to help you picture the room. The paint is pale sage. It's a really nice, soothing color but it's so hard to capture in a picture. It actually changes shades throughout the day as the lighting changes. Sometimes it looks more blue than green. The counter tops are also hard to gasp in this photo... they are charcoal with specks of brown.
To give you an idea of other fabrics near by:

The living room is pale blue, with brown and green in the drapes and rug.

So.... what would YOU do?



Korina said...

I've made the basic curtains for the rods. pretty simple and you can actually make them really nice. Just depends on your fabric and also what types (if any) embellishments you want. I don't know how much help I would be but if you buy a pattern for curtains you like ( if you prefer something other than the basic) we can probably both figure it out. :) Let me know! My sewing Machine is up and running! :-)

kauffeegrl said...

Well, as a former kitchen designer, and since you want to stay away from "country" look(and I love the fabrics in the rest of the area btw!!) if you are keeping the wood valance, my suggestion would be to get rid of the light on the wall and hang a really beautiful pendant light over your sink.

Kayte said...

Oh yes, I should have mention... if that light is still visible when I'm done wiht whatever I do... it will be replaced. It's pretty drab, ain't it!

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

One way I like to do window treatments is get coordinating placemats (or cloth napkins) turn them to look like a diamond, then tack together. You can also get some ribon and sew onto it to bring it all together. Then you take a board and staple them onto the back of the board then mount the board on the wall.

It shouldn't look country-ish, depending on the style of napkins/placemats you use.

Angel~a said...

I love the look of Roman shades. And I've seen some easy patterns for those at Joanne's. Then you could choose your colors, but stay away from country.
Also, I wouldn't want to block the view. You could keep the shade up for that purpose.

Angel~a said...

By the way. There are LOTS of videos on You Tube for making your own curtains.

Jamiee said...

A copper or gold sheer may work :D lets in light but doesnt make it seems countryish ,... kitchen looks amazing btw!

julie said... -
the 5th picture down... that fabulous looking kitchen. i really like that window treatment! pretty - cute with the ribbon, but not too "cutesie" country-ish.
i love the knobs, too! i actually love almost everything about that house that's featured (minus a few things... especially the scary onesie on the baby a few more pictures down. eek)

i also, like your friend above, highly recommend getting rid of the light fixture and putting a new hanging pendant one in :) i'm a big fan of those. i've been trying (in vain, mind you) to convince eric to put one in over our sink :)

ps - the kitchen looks AMAZING!

Kimberly said...

I think that if you stay away from gathering up the fabric and keep it flat, it wouldn't look country-ish. A roman shade would be nice, it depends on do you want to keep light/heat out? What direction does the window face? Those things would determine the weight of the fabric {Oh that brown fabric in the other curtain is fab!} The fabric choice outside of the country-ish looks will help with a more modern feel too. Good Luck! Share what you do!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

I vote for making a fabric shade! Just take a regular roller shade and cover it with some coordinating fabric :).

Amy Sue said...

put a tension rod up high (above where the window actually is...where the rod is hitting both cabinets) I would just buy 2 white sheers and pull both sheers to the left of the window and tie them off loosely; place them in one of those curtain hook thingies. So at the top the curtain would stretch across the entire rod....then it would softly come to the right and then hang down on the right. kinda like this
of course the curtain would be shorter...and you could add some pretty ribbon to the tie back
Very pretty kitchen, I'd love to do the window!!

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Have you browsed the curtain aisles? Maybe just the right valance will pop out at you. I don't have specific advice, but I must say that your kitchen is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How about a really nice bamboo blind. I love the look because it kind of says "casual elegance" and is unfussy. Another option would be to make your curtain panels out of the fabric that you have and then simply attach them to a curtain rod with ring clips. It is a modern look (they also slide open easily) and are not as "poofy" as machine gathered panels. Love the idea of the pendant light! - Ruth H.

Kayte said...

I'm so so glad I asked! I have really enjoyed reading these ideas and checking out each link! You all are GOOD!

Julie, I like that baby's onesie!!! LOL I am so nervous about what to put my gils in next time we're around you now! ;)

Kayte said...

And yes, I adore everything featured too... mmmm tiled backsplash. Somday, someday....

Kayte said...

OH I just saw what onesie you must be referring to! OH Dear- no I don't like that one! The flower one in the first couple shots is cute! Not the blood one. (What in the world?)

Okay I'll stop commenting on my own blog now. (Kayte = dork).

keren said...

i would say, you can nevre be to modest! A nice dark brownish red curtain will add sich a light to the room! Dont forget a pretty patterned net curtain would be lovely and summery...very daydreamy........ I absolutly love your taste and style! I would love to come visit you. i have 4 girls, Analise, (prenounced Ana-leez), 6 years old, Eliose(pronounced E-louise), 5 years old, Taranise, (pronounced Tara-neez), 1 year old, and Jaylalise (pronounced Jayla-leez), only born 27th June.

Kayte said...

Wow Congrats Keren! Yeah for girls! =) Your have very lovely names!

Keren said...

thanks Kayte :D you have lovely names to. my next girl is going to be Anise....most probebly!! I think you little girls are so cute! ;) you are (very, very, very) belssed