Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Revelation, Part I

Does God ever try to tell you something? As in, He keeps sending you the same message from various sources until you "get it". Really really get it?

I'm having one of those times. It started with a quote a friend posted on facebook. Then during my personal Bible reading, I came across the same principle in different wording. Then was reiterated by a sermon my pastor preached Sunday evening. And then this morning as I was reading on of my favorite blogs, I clicked on a link to one of her favorites blogs and ended up browsing there for a while... and there God re-sent that same message just to be sure I really did "get it".

Transmission received, sir!

In my perusing on this new-to-me blog, I wound up reading a few posts on the subject of child training. Basically, if I even suspect that you have half way decent children, I will read and consider anything you've got to say about the topic. Well... that may be slight exaggeration but not much. I'm passionate about home and family and raising our children and this whole amazing responsibility God has given me. So my mouse always finds it's way over to sidebars and clicks on those types of subjects.

This blog writer has a positive perspective about child training. Here is her philosophy in a nut shell:

Parenting/discipling our children is more about *people* than *process*. It is more about who I am than what I do.

Firstly, notice the word she chose is "discipling" not "disciplining." Just pointing that out...
I appreciate this thought so much and think it was one I needed. I tend to be a task oriented person. My husband, on the other hand, is very much a people oriented person. While I can not even consider being hospitable until my floors are properly steam mopped and the laundry is all folded, Seth really doesn't care if his project list is neglected as long as the people in his life... which could be me, our kids, a stranger with their care stuck in a snow bank, our church family, either of our parents, our nephews and nieces, or the elderly neighbors around us... are cared for and have the attention from him they need or want. My focus is usually consumed on a "to do" list, whether literal or mental. In all my readings and investigating on parenting and child training, I have looked for "The Formula". You know... that guarantee that says if you do steps A, B, then C you will end up with good children who seek the Lord with their lives. I want a process or " to do" list. But as much as I (and probably most of us) would love it, there is no method of child training that can promise to yield any particular result.

Parenting/discipling our children is more about *people* than *process*.
Am I going to abandon methods and process? No. My copy of "To Train Up a Child" will still be keep on the top shelf of my bookcase for easy reference. When this little one gets closer to her debut, I'll be fishing out my "BabyWise" book for practical help with newborn feeding and sleeping schedules. But I want to be more like my husband and make my life about people and not tasks. Which people in particular? The two (soon to be three) little girls that are counting on me to train them correctly. What do they need? Really, they just want me. My time. My attention. My patience. My smiles. My hugs. My heart poured into them.
So is this the point the Lord has been drilling into me? Nope, but it was helpful to me. And this point was used to get across the real point... which I share tomorrow. Because it is late, and my husband needs a cuddling partner as he relaxes on the couch. So stayed tuned for part two of The Revelation. In the meantime, try not to fall off the edge of your computer chairs. ;)

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Joyfulmomofmany said...

Hi Kayte! I can really identify with your post... I too can get very caught up in my "to do lists" and forget that it really is about the people and relationships much more than my little agenda. I've enjoyed "meeting" you here on your blog! Thanks for mentioning my blog article.