Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frog Huntin'

One handsome daddy + two curious lil' girls + four nephews + wooded park = Frog Hunt!!!
Hmmmm.... something tells me they are going to scare any frogs away with their ruckus!
And they are off... the "experts" leading the way:
The beginner frog hunters close behind:

"Mine turn to push!!!" Be my guest.

A flower from my hubby.

"Here's some frogs guys!!!"

Maddie, trying to get as close to the action as possible without falling in the water.

"Mama!!! A frog! A frog!!!!!!"

Any more over here?
How about over here?

Not a frog, but a weird looking snail thing.

Mmm, yes. lovely. Now get that thing away from me.

Moms are never in the pictures so I included my best angle:

And then asked a nephew to take our picture. Please excuse Maddie's unladylike pose. And my "Jabba the Hut"-ness.



missionarymomma said...

Little girls and dresses sometimes make for um, unladylie poses even if still cute. To help, in our house I make cute, lightweight litle girl bloomers. Have you seen them? Little girls want to slide, and flip and fall down...and bloomers help to keep little ones modest still. Just an idea.

stacy said...

Now thats my kind of outing!

Anonymous said...

As entertaining as your blog is, I get a little distracted sometimes by the comments you make about your so-called "unappealing" appearance, now that you are pregnant again. You are a stunning young woman, and to complain about any bit of "Jabba the Hut"-ness or "flabby" arms, makes the rest of us who aren't as attractive as you (and not even being able to use pregnancy as an excuse) feel even a little less so. As beautiful as you are, try focusing more on the beauty on the inside, and not the lack of on the outside.

Kayte said...

Sorry Anonymous... I don't think I realized how often those comments slip in, or that they would bother others. I hope my readers know that I mean them in a light hearted way.

The Doll Family said...

Kayte - you are hilarious! Aren't we all our own worst critic?!? :) You look great, Jabba! :)