Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy ♥ Day!

So a bit of a confession: Neither Seth nor I did much special for each other for today. {gasp!} We agreed we could barely afford to attend the church banquet and that would be all the celebrating we did. Although between you and me, I have a hunkering there is a chai tea and maybe I'll even find a few clearance rack finds with my name of it for our weekly date tonight.... *wink* wink* And truly, we get to have weekly dates. As cheesy as I know it's gonna sound, we have Valentine's Day 365 days a year in this house. =)

The banquet was really nice and we enjoyed it a lot. First off, for any local friends, ya GOT to try the prime rib buffet at the Radisson. Seriously.... I have never seen a buffet like that in all my life. Pasta station, carving station with prime rib (obviously) and turkey breast, huge salad bar, shrimp cocktail, sushi, salmon, some sort of delicious baked chicken, haddock, clams, all sorts of other fried goodies that I didn't get to, and a big beautiful dessert spread. It was absurd!!! I brought back literally 5 plates!!! It was all soooo good, too. Ya know how sometimes buffet food, while plenteous, isn't always super tasty. Fine but not knock your socks off yummy. Well, this buffet was knock your socks AND shoes off good!!!

Did I just write that whole paragraph on nothing but food?

And the fellowship was also enjoyable too. I love getting together with other couples. It's just fun.

We also watched part of a DVD with some hilarious and yet still truthful marriage teaching. I just really love biblical teaching about marriage and child rearing. I guess some people really aren't that into it... and I certainly understand that everyone is different and what works for one person may work for another. But I really do love studying the subject of husband, wives, families in the Bible. The Bible principles are 100% right. And while one couple may implement the Bible principle in one way and another find a different way to utilize that same principle, I feel like we need to have more teaching and studying and focus on what the Bible has to say about our family relationships. The common philosophies most of our country holds to don't seem to be working out so well (hello, 50% divorce rate- even among Christians!).

It was really quite humorous because before we had even started the DVD, the couples at our table had been chit chatting about how hard it was for (I think all) the wives to fall asleep at night. We were talking about what supplements and drugs and things we use to help us finally doze off. I had said that I was usually jealous about how easily Seth feell asleep.... and his amazing ability to literally turn his brain off. He can actually sit and think about nothing. Nothing at all. I just can't even fathom that! I drive myself nuts with not being able to set my brain on cruise control for a while. And then, one of the first things the guy teaching on the DVD said was that men's brains are divided up into little boxes.... the work box, the car box, the home repair box, etc etc and one special box was the NOTHING box. ha ha! It made our table crack up because it's so true! The nothing box is where men go to de-stress. They are in their nothing box when they are zoned out in front of the TV, fishing, hunting, whatever it is that they do when they don't want to think about anything. Women (generally speaking) have brains like a big mass of wires all over-lapping and tangled up in each other. So one subject is connected to another and another and yet another. We de-stress but sorting through those wires, usually by talking. (Or blogging, anyone?)

Obviously, these are stereotypes and there are always some variation within individuals... but I think in my case, and by and large, it is true.

So the whole point is not to try to make your spouse de-stress the same way you do but to help them de stress by their own method.... husbands, let her talk it out with you listening or wives, let him vegetate for while without the dreaded "Whatcha thinkin' bout, hon?"

So none of that really had much Bible in it.... that little tid bit was more based on social study. =)

There is more on my mind on the subject and maybe I'll take the time to write it out later.

Until then, enjoy your Valentines Day. The girls and I were putting up a few hearts to prepare for our "special" Valentines' Day lunch of heart shaped pancakes. I was trying to explain what Valentine's day was, so I said that it was day all about love. To which Maddie replied, "So, it's about Jesus' birthday?" I said yes, but indirectly. And then had to explain what that meant!



Michelle said...

My husband and I attended a Couples Conference on Grand Island a few times. They showed that DVD the second year. That was so funny, we were rolling...

Rena said...

Glad to hear that you had a wonderful, blessed Valentines Day.
We had one as well.

I have the same problem with sleeping, I have been an insomniac since I was a kid. I can sleep like a baby during the day but at night I am awake. I usually don't get tired until 3am or later.

Sometimes I am totally exhuasted though can hit the hay at 8pm but I am up around midnight. This always happens if I go to bed early.

My husband can hit the pillow and within 5-10 minutes is fast asleep.

What helps me is a warm cup of tea, do some reading and try to relax. Sometimes it works, other times not. Sometimes I have to take a benadryl. I can't take one more than 2 days in a row though because somehow my body becomes immune to it. If I take it once or twice a week it works.

I tried melatonin before but it gave me a weird feeling. I can't explain it. I just didn't like the feeling it gave me. It was almost like I was coming out of anesthesia....like my head was in the clouds and I couldn't shake it.