Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simple thoughts and books

In these busy last days of summer, I have much on my mind. Some things are heavy in my heart. Some disappointments, concerns, regrets, wishes. But the practicality of life ~ the daily grind ~ leave me with limited time to dwell on all of it. Which is probably a good thing. So instead of the messy issues of life being put neatly into well thought through boxes, all I have these days is a random smattering of  philosophies and ponder worthy thoughts. In no particular order:

The God of the work is more important than the work of God.

Self inflicted wounds hurt just as much as any other kind.

Happiness is the result of doing right.

I'm also reading through about 4 books right now! I never start books with some still unfinished! But I had several beckoning to me, so now I'm in a constant state of craving more time to read them. =) Oh well. They will all get read through sometime.

This one I came across while cleaning the church office (which I will post "after" pics of eventually):

I am about half way through it. It's a simple approach. Probably common sense to those who already have a handle on the subject. I am so far finding it helpful and a good reminder of what real obedience actually is, and is not.

This sobering book:
A Biblical Perspective of what to do when you are abused by Your Husband

has me ever so grateful for the kind and godly man that I have for a husband. I do feel that it is perhaps the best material from a Christian, Biblical perspective on this heart wrenching subject available, at least from what I have encountered.

And I'm picking out a few stories from:

Some of these short stories and poems are beloved favorites, others I don't care for at all and we simply skip them.

What is on your side table these days? =)


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Marisa said...

The Politically Incorrect Wife. Very good!