Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delicious Summertime Dinner: Chicken Club Sandwhiches and Corn Salad

The secret to great food pictures contines to elude me =)
With the changes of seasons, our lives change as well. Sheets, clothes, smoke alarm batteries, shoes, hairstyles, even scented candles seem to be a reflection of the weather outside. Just like a "Clean Cotton" candle suits summer better than a musky cinnamon, we don't usually crave a piping hot pot roast on the hottest days of August. The dinner pictured above hit the summer craving spot perfectly.

I made this chicken recipe. I used Monterrey jack cheese instead of cheddar, and then I plopped them on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato (and mayo for me, but no one else in the hohousehold!). As we've learned from experience, wrap these sandwiches up in foil to take them to-go (or to just wait for the rest of dinner to be ready), and the few minutes spent warming and meshing in the foil seem to cultivate wonderful yumminess. Or just eat them right away. Whatever.

For the corn salad (which I know, sounds weird but just trust me... I love this corn salad. I make it giant batches and fill half of my plate with it. I really really like it a LOT) I make a variation of this recipe. My changes: I don't use any hot peppers (because I want other people in the family besides myself to like it) but instead I throw in a bit of chopped green pepper (which I roast with the corn) and red onion, which I stir in raw. And I've personally never run into shredded coconut that was NOT sweetened, so I just use the regular sweet stuff. Sounds strange, I agree. But if people married salads, I marry this one.

Let me know if you try either one, but ya better hurry: Summer is rapidly coming to it's end! {Sadness perices my heart.}


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