Thursday, April 7, 2011


How is THAT for a depressing title? ;) Not a good title, but an accurate description of how I feel. In the past week and half since my last post, I've though of probably 10 post ideas. Many things are happening around here that I would like to share with you. But when the opportunity to sit and write arises, I stand in the doorway of my bedroom with my eyes shifting between the computer desk and the bed. Computer desk - bed. Computer desk - bed. Bed wins.

A synopsis of recent happenings:

- Our church sponsored public school outreach in our local school district with over 400 people putting their faith in Jesus to save them! Wow!

- I made three adorable fleece blankets for my three adorable children.

- I was interviewed by our local paper. Though I dislike how the interview ended up being printed, it was still fun to have a reporter hanging on my every word (something of mom of 3 little ones is not used to), although she tweaked my words (something a mom of three is more used to than she wants to be!)

- I've begun a new way of organizing my shopping, coupons and menus.

- I decided to part my hair in a different way than I normally do, thus making a dreadful discovery: I have several gray hairs. Did you think I'd say lice? I'd rather have grays than the nasty "L" word.

I may elaborate on some of these subjects when I have more energy. Until then, the laundry beckons (again).


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Our Family Vision... said...

Day-by-day-by-day more of those silvery colored hairs appear on my head as well! I deem they are a sign of wisdom rather than stress, age or craziness of life!?! :o)