Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

On Saturday, our family went to a Christmas Tree farm to pick out and cut down our tree!

They provide a sled to lug your tree back down the hill with... also makes a nice way of getting your youngin's up the hill!

What I want to know is: Where is MY ride??
It was a pretty big hill...

Quickly, we found a winner!

Truth is, I was freezing cold with 60 seconds of getting out of the van and declared that we would be chopping down the very first decent tree we came upon. So at the first cluster of trees, we found this one. And ya know what? It really is a nice tree! I'm thinking people just pass by the first ones to go exploring and really "experience" the Christmas Tree farm. But this California girl would rather experience the heater in the car. ☺Seth tells me that growing up, they'd spend hours looking for just the right tree. His mom liked fat trees. Our first year getting a real one, we did hunt and hunt. I'm not too particular now though. The best part of natural trees verses artificial is the irregularities. At least that is what I told myself instead of just admitting that I did not dress nearly warm enough and couldn't feel my ears, toes or fingers.
Kayte = wimp

Seth = not a wimp and good at sawing down trees.
Maddie = would rather go gallivanting in the snow than pay any attention to the task at hand

Eden = cold like Mama.

All set and ready to lug our tree down the hill!

Down the long, long hill.

Long, muddy hill.

Really, really long hill.

We made it! Yeah!

Maddie and I did most of the decorating. (So fun now that she is big enough to really participate in traditions!) Seth had the honor of placing the angel (we bought on our July honeymoon....) and Eden went around examining every ornament, declaring them beautiful. "Howee Cow! I wuv that one!" Holy Cow! I love that one! in case you don't speak toddler.



Marisa said...

Beautiful and I LOVE real trees! Fun!

~Amy~ said...

It's so pretty!