Saturday, December 4, 2010

Leila Baby

Here she is at 6 wks.

She is now almost 2 months old. I can NOT believe how fast this is flying by. I need to take more pictures!!!!

Leila is terrific. She is beginning to sleep through the night... 6-7 hrs. stretches. Oh YES! This week she discovered how to coo and make all sorts of throaty baby noises. Smiles are becoming more frequent every day. ☺

I would have to say she has been my fussiest newborn yet. If you read my Thanksgiving post, I mentioned that she had a cold. It seems that as soon as she recovered from that (which only took a day or two) she has turned a corner in the fussy department. She still isn't too pleased with being anywhere but in loving arms, but she will tolerate lounging on her own or in the swing for small portions of time now without frantic crying. With only my older girls to use as reference points, I'm not sure Maddie was even given a chance to fuss... we just held her all the time because we enjoyed it. Eden was very easy going. I remember taking her to a youth conference at 6 wks. and she was a dream. Never had to leave a service; she was silent and happy in my arms the whole time and even slept well in the hotel. Leila would have gotten us kicked out of a youth conference. Maybe even the hotel. ;) LOL Thankfully, I am getting pretty good at functioning one handed.

She is BIG. She's fitting 3 month size clothes quite well. As the nurse told me at a weigh in, I have no need to doubt my milk supply! She also is a professional diaper dirtier. We're making good use of the big box of wipes I thought would last for months and months! And I think she is very strong. She holds her head up independently and is pushing herself up with her arms. So maybe Seth will get a little football player after all. (Over my dead body...)

Maddie and Eden are still thrilled with her. I have not seen any signs of jealousy. It's funny how everyone just assumes that will happen. Maddie didn't have any trouble when Eden was born, either.

I am really trying to consciously enjoy every minute... every nursing opportunity, every diaper change, every bath. Her baby soft skin, her ever growing rolls, her fuzzy hair, her tiny toes. Her little ears and perfect nose. There's just nothin' like a baby. ♥


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Kristina Auclair said...

she is so cute..I truly miss that baby stage:(