Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hi Friends!

Hi Friends!

Life around here has been extremely busy, as my lack of posting reflects. I have to say though: I like being busy. Honestly, I do.

We have lots of projects needing attention at church and it's my privilege to work on them with my husband. What a great gig we have! ☺

The girls have little summer colds right now. I really love the ages they are at right now. Maddie is soaking up everything around her. Eden is developing the quirkiest little personality you ever saw! She makes me laugh all day long. Two is anything but terrible with her... as long as the Sharpies are kept out of reach, of course!!

I hope you are enjoying these warm summer days! I am enjoying them... from inside where it is cool! Our blissful weather has caused the garden to burst at it's seams with veggies! Tonight's menu: Garden veggies in pasta with homemade Alfredo sauce! It sounds so delicious to me! I'm not sure how Seth will respond when he sits down to dinner tonight and there is no meat on the table. ;) When I tell him how little I spent on dinner, I think he will be pleased at least!

Happy Tuesday! ☺


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