Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Beaver!


I have been one busy beaver! And really, I like being busy, especially about our church and ministry. I feel so thankful to be an assistant pastor's wife... our life is so rich and blessed.

I mean, don't get me wrong... we're eating mac-n-cheese for dinner these days like the rest of America, BUT we're still very rich and blessed, in a different way. ;)

My family has had a whirl wind of a month and a half, and no signs of slowing down soon. Lots of church projects underway (anyone wanna help me wall paper the ladies' room?) amid two youth conferences, a family conference that our family was super blessed to be able to go to, and let's not forget that I am busy growing a human being here. My energy levels were fantastic until about 2 weeks ago when suddenly, as soon as lunch was consumed, the only word my lips could form was "Naaaaa- naaaaaaaaa- naaaaaaaaap!!!!!!"

And then in the mix of the business and tiredness of being almost 8 months pregnant, I decided that it was perfectly logic time to cut an entire 8 inches of my hair off.

Oh please stop gasping, people! It will grow back!

Oh was that just me gasping? Ahem, yes. I liked it for exactly 8 minutes. Then when I got into the car and Seth expression was something like Where is all you hair? and I hope my face isn't showing that I'm not love with it. And then I realized.... I had gone temporarily hormonal induced insane.

Of course Seth is extremely kind and sweet to me... he assures me over and over than he would love me and think I'm beautiful when I am bald. Or when I weigh 500 lbs. These sentiments don't seem to have the romantic effect on me, which is baffling to him.

Later that same day, we took a break from working (and lamenting hair no more) to treat the girls to a local fair. It was a very inexpensive fair, without allot of fancy bells and whistles which made it perfect for out little ones.

A few simple rides, including the giant slide, a couple of huge yummy cookies, and look see at some gorgeous prize winning flowers.

Summer is getting away from us again, I'm afraid. It's never quite long enough for me! But this year, I actually look forward to summer fading to fall so I can met my newest baby girl. We had another ultra sound this week, and she looked well but BIG. She is measuring about 3 weeks larger than my due date would indicate. So I need to either have my due date changed or get the epidural ordered before I even step into the hospital. ;)


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jennstar said...

Your hair looks great Kayte! I think it would look great no matter what you did with it - especially when you are wearing that sweet smile. :)