Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes!

It's October! We're inching closer and closer to the holiday season, which of course translates to.... baked goodies!!! =)
I saw this idea in a magazine recently... though I don't remember which magazine! Between weekly doctor's appointments and weekly ultrasounds, I sit in waiting rooms and flip through magazines a LOT these days!
Maddie and I had a fun time (and it did take TIME... seems like we worked on them off and on all day!) making these for the kids at school.

A box of Duncan Hines yellow cake (I personally think Duncan Hines is the BEST), two tubs of pre-made vanilla frosting (one dyed green, one dyed orange) and 2 dozen donut holes. Plus sprinkles... Maddie would be so sad if we hadn't used sprinkles!
To make the orange frosting smooth over the pumpkins, just microwave for about 30 seconds after mixing in the food coloring. I tossed a donut hole in, rolled it around and fished it out with a toothpick. The cover the hole made by the toothpick with a butterscotch chip. I set them in the fridge to set up while putting the "grass" and fall sprinkles on the cupcakes. After the orange coating is firm, pipe green vines on the pumpkins and plop them on the cupcake.

My official taste tester seemed to like them!

A few days ago Maddie rather seriously and factually informed me that Dad was just better than me. But as we made these, I was smitten by the words "You're the best mommy of all the mommies". ♥

Cupcakes. They do more than create cavities. ☺


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